SunButter® Featured on TODAY!

We’ve known it all along: SunButter® is a great healthy snack for kids (and adults!). Heck, even the TODAY show is talking about it!

That’s right; Elizabeth Ward, a registered dietitian and blogger for, recently appeared on TODAY to share tips on how kids can snack wisely. You guessed it: SunButter® was included as a nutritious snack and a fantastic peanut-free alternative!

Happy healthy snacking!

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Hey SunButter® fans! SunButter has hit the airwaves again! Inspired living expert and TV host Leah Guy visits with nutritionist Inna Topiler about our favorite sunflower seed spread. Delicious and nutritious—and completely nut-free—SunButter is a great alternative for people with nut allergies. Leah and Inna talk about all SunButter varieties and give snack and recipe tips, too. Have a look and listen!

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