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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with green SunButter cookies!

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We hope you’re celebrating today with the color green. Wearing it, drinking it and, most of all, eating it!

Here’s a quirky, fun fact about baking with SunButter: sometimes the end result is green.Green #SunButter Cookies! Great for St. Patrick's Day!

Seriously! Isn’t that odd? You can throw perfectly gold balls of cookie dough into the oven, and 10 minutes later they come out as green cookies.

If you’re not aware of the science that causes the color change, it can be surprising, confusing, and—honestly—a bit of an appetite squelcher. Though, this phenomenon is easily explainable.

Why do SunButter cookies turn green?
Sunflowers, like all plants, contain chlorophyll (aka: chlorogenic acid)—but the seeds also contain it. The acid reacts with the baking soda/powder when heated, causing the green color when the product cools.

How to avoid the green:
SunButter’s green reaction can be avoided by adjusting the baking soda/powder levels (by approximately 1/3, for starters). Adding a splash of lemon juice to your dough can also do the trick.

All formulas in our SunButter recipe collection have been adjusted accordingly.

Is the green dangerous?
No. Only the color is changed.

The taste is fine. The cookies are still perfectly edible and safe to consume.

Let’s celebrate with naturally green SunButter cookies!
If there’s one day all year to eat green cookies, it’s today.

So, by all means, go ahead! Whip up a batch of mysteriously green “mistakes.” Your kids will be amazed, and you might even slip in a quick science lesson.