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SunButter Sunflower

SunButter® Natural No-Stir Creamy

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Natural No-Stir Creamy

SunButter ® Natural No-Stir Creamy has arrived! It has the same great taste of SunButter® Natural. Even better, it doesn’t separate like other varieties, so there’s no need to stir it. To make sure your favorite store is carrying this oh-so-delicious-and-nutritious SunButter® product, please complete our merchant request form.

No Peanuts

Sunflower Seed, Evaporated Cane Syrup, Palm oil to prevent separation, Salt, and Natural Mixed Tocopherols to preserve freshness.

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Natural No-Stir Creamy Nutrition Info

SunButter® No-Stir is available in one (1) 16-ounce jar or a pack of six (6) 16-ounce jars.

I saw this product at our local QFC yesterday and thought it looked appealing. I love sunflower & pumpkin seeds but I try to avoid all seeds due to diverticulitis. I was completely blown away by the fantastic fresh sunflower seed flavor - this will be a regular item on my shopping list. Thanks for making a great product and letting me have my sunflower seeds again!

Penni Orlandini
Gig Harbor, Washington

As a native North Dakotan, I am thrilled and proud to have found your product. I am allergic to all nuts (just diagnosed) and this is the most wonderful (even better) alternative to peanut or almond or soy butter. Last visit out there in 1999 we saw fields of sunflowers.

Joellen W. Hawkins
Auburndale, MA

As a child, I adored peanut butter. Give me a jar of peanut butter and a spoon and I was one happy camper. I put peanut butter on all types of things from chocolate chip cookies to celery. Then in my junior year of high school my memories of eating peanut butter shifted from a happy little girl to life threatening reactions. I was devastated. I found peanut butter alternatives made from soy , but like a small percentage of peanut allergics soy does not sit well with me. Once again I was devastated, and started to face that fact that my favorite peanut butter treats were something of the past and I would have to deal with it. Then last October, and the Food Allergy Walk I was introduced to Sunbutter. Of course being someone with developing food allergies, five to date, I tried it reluctantly. One taste and I fell in love. I could not offer one once of suggestions, it is the perfect blend, and both reminds me of and fulfills my longing for my favorite childhood treats. I love the varieties and products (esp Suncups!!!) that you offer. My family, who other than me have no food allergies have switched from Peanut Butter to Sunbutter, and not out of an effort to protect me - rather because they swear it tastes better than Peanut Butter! In short, thank you for giving food allergics back what has been taken from us. You are the best!

Nicole Schilk
United States

We love Sunbutter! I have a child allergic to Peanuts, and this product is one that he loves. I have gluten and dairy allergies, and this is something that I can enjoy as well! Thank you, Thank you for making something we CAN have. Linda

Linda Hoefer
Sarasota, Fl

SunButter has been a life saver for my family, with peanut / tree nut allergies!! When we first found it, I think my husband went through about 10 jars that first month! My suggestion is to make a chocolate SunButter, think like Nutella. My family would LOVE to have a chocolate SunButter to enjoy. Thanks!

Renee Bergeron
Anchorage AK

I have suffered from Acid Reflux since it was 18. I am now 35 and have had a bunch of procedures, take all kinds of medication and have had to alter my diet multiple times. This disease controls my life in some ways. I have always loved peanut butter. However, i have never been able to locate a type that does not give me a negative reaction. Until now. I am so happy to tell you that your product does not give me the pain most peanut butters do. I am writing to pretty much say thank you and I love the product. Best regards, Randy Tartow

Arlington, MA

THANK YOU!!!! our son has a severe peanut alergy, myself and my wife used to eat peanut butter by the spoonfull before our son was diagnosed. What an absolute awesome tasting peanut butter substitute. We (I) go through a 16oz jar in about two weeks. Just love the flavor. However we purchased 6 jars through Amazon, lot number 1112141, (first number may be wrong), we had 1 (one) jar that had a air pocket in the middle, the jar was about half full after we colapsed the air pocket. I work at Miller Brewing so i know how high speed packaging can mess up from time to time. We really love your no stir product and WILL continue to buy it regardless of 1 jar that had an air pocket. Keep up the great product and thanks for a truely awesome tasting peanutbutter substitute, i am eating two sandwiches right now..... Dave and Laura

Dave Gruszynski

We found out that our son was deathly allergic to peanuts when he was very little. He will not eat sun butter in the raw form at all because of his fear that he would get used to taste and not be able to recognize when he comes into contact with the real thing. He will eat the cookies that I make though. That being said we have a very large family that loves peanut butter and this has been a miracle for all of us. We can all eat our sunbutter any time anywhere without guilt or worry that someone might have a reaction in public. I keep the snack packs around for my nieces and the crunchy at my office to put on celery for an afternoon snack. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product and a peanut free facility.


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