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SunButter Sunflower

SunButter® Natural

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Natural

SunButter® Natural is a delicious alternative to alternative to other nut butters. It's peanut free, gluten free and tree-nut free, which means no adverse allergy reactions. Packed with Vitamin E and fiber, SunButter® Natural delivers a lot of nutritional punch. Served alone, paired with a favorite jam or jelly or used in a variety of peanut-free recipes, you’ll love SunButter® Natural!

Natural separation may occur, stir thoroughly before use. Sunflower shell fragments may be present in product.

No Peanuts

Sunflower Seed, Evaporated Cane Syrup, Salt, and Natural Mixed Tocopherols to preserve freshness.

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Natural Nutrition Info

SunButter® Natural is available in one (1) 16-ounce jar or a pack of six (6) 16-ounce jars.

You have changed my life!!! I am 39 years old and have always been deathly (literally) allergic to peanuts, peanut butter, and all tree nuts. Last night I made SunButter cookies.... my best friend thought I used peanut butter and that I had lost my mind!!! I ate a cookie - and didn't die!!!!!!! I just fed my children SunButter and jelly sandwiches for lunch!!! I feel like a regular person!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Heather Kadyk
Sherman, IL

When I became allergic to nuts I didn't think I was ever going to be able to enjoy the taste of peanut butter on toast again, but this tastes just like the brand of peanut butter I used to eat. Thanks, John

John LeClair
Northborough, Ma

I tried SunButter once on a flight and thought it was AMAZING! When I found out my nephew was allergic to nuts, I started looking for it. Not much here in Canada yet :( but hopefully soon. Thankfully, I am travelling to the US and found a store along my driving route to get some.

Vancouver, BC

Need Sunbutter in local stores. Had it in a Kroger 30 miles away. Requested it be sent to my local Kroger. They did it, but did not keep it on the shelf for long. They discontinued the item, so I bought it all at a cheap price, but cant get them to keep it on shelf. I have found one jar at Target, but they want over 8.00 dollars for one jar. I just cant find a cost effective way to keep it handy for my daughter. i have to pay over the price of another jar of sunbutter to get it shipped to me from your web site. I do it, but it certainly would help us all out i'm sure, if it could be found more easily and kept at a manageable price. Thanks, Christi Knight

Christi Knight
Huntsville, Texas

So thrilled to have come across this product! I saw your ad in Allergic Living Magazine. Thank you so much for recognizing the need for a product such as this-I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found a peanut alternative that my son can safely eat. Means so much to me. I am a fan!!! So when are we going to see your products on more shelves within Canada? I look forward to trying more SunButter products!

British Columbia, Canada

My sister told me about this product and she said that this is the closest thing to peanut butter. Because I'm allergic to peanuts, I don't know what peanut butter taste like. All I know is that SunButter is delicious and creamy.


Really wish you could manufacture it without soy. Most kids and adults who are allergic to peanuts use this product. And soy is a huge allergen as well for many. If this was made in a facility without soy, I would get it put into my son's school. We love the sunbutter, but wish we could rest assured that soy contamination was not of any concern.


My son that is 13 years old has a peanut allergy that we have known about since he was 6 months old we have always had to be very careful when we buy anything in the store everything has to read for peanut and tree nut because i have a tree nut allergy so my son has to stay away from tree nuts also and eating out is a pain also because we have to so careful but he can never eat a dessert out even at a birthday party no cake so anything sweet has to be made at home. the last few months i have been buying sunflower seeds to snack on and my son has been asking me what does peanut butter taste like i told him kinda like the sunflower seeds taste like and that got me to thinking i wounder if i coukd make sunflower seed butter in the food processer and i was at the store and started look in the nut free gluten free department and could not find any sunbutter but the i went to isle that peanut butter was on and in the far corner was sunbutter i and my son was excited but he was scared to get it because it was by the peanut butter so i waited a week and bought some it was a very scary for him to taste of it at first so i told he to just hold it on his tounge for a few minutes so he liked it but was nervous i told him i would make him this candy that i have been making since i was young and his dad and brothers had always enjoyed at christmas that he had never got to try because it had peant butter as main ingredent so last night i made him some with your sunbutter and he loved it i told him now his world had opened up to endless desserts that once he could not have because of peanut butter but now can have subing sunbutter inplace of pb so i just wanted to thank you your product has opened a new door to may sons life with sweets thank you.

lisa smathers
waynesville n.c.

Thank You! I developed an allergy to peanuts after having my second child. Thinking, I was doing the right thing by eliminating legumes from my diet (my 1st child had a severe allergy to legumes) I had a horrible reaction to peanut butter after reintroducing it. It is really frustrating to absolutely love peanut butter your whole life and then at 34 not be able to eat it! I have tried hazelnut butter, soy butter, almond butter, and even cashew butter but none of them tasting close to peanut butter and they were hard to deal with texture wise. Sun butter is my new best friend! Thanks for not processing it with peanuts! I love the taste, texture, and availability.

Terri Wilcox Burke
Westminster, CO

Surprisingly fantastic! I'm not allergic to peanuts, but I prefer sunbutter!

Brenda Tatro
Mannford, OK

I am a huge fan of peanut butter, but my friend suggested I try sunbutter for a change. It is amazing!!!!! I barely trust myself with a spoon and an open jar. Thank you for such a wonderful spread!!!


My daughter was diagnosed with a severe peanut /tree nut allergy back in 1994. We've tried soy butter (gross!). A manager in our local school cafeteria suggested your product. They had received a sample to try and she said it was really good. My husband placed an order with you. It tastes better than peanut butter in my estimation! I've used it as a baking substitute as well. We will continue to use it!!! Only problem, can't find it in any grocery stores.

Jeanne Rush
Harrison City,PA

I really loved your product. It was my first encounter with your products. However, it won't be the last. It was so very good and it is something I intend to add to the grocery list on a regular basis for the family. As it is gluten-free, I passed the information on to all of my friends, and all of the other moms at the day-care. Our family intends to try all of the recipes, and my husband and I will be telling everyone at work about it.

Kate Lapointe
Gatineau, Quebec

I have been seriously alergic to peanuts for the last 15 years, after eating them in large quantities for all of my preceding life. I LOVE the flavor of peanuts and peanut butter, but do not want to face the epipen or the fears of the attacks again. At the age of 59 I have now discovered a substitute for peanut butter. Yesterday at Walmart I found your Sunbutter Natural and now I can enjoy the flavor I have craved for so long. It is so similar to peanut flavor and texture. Thank you very very much for making it in a peanut free factory!

Dr. Dan S. Gilliam, Sr.
Wildorado, TX

I love this product! My son is allergic to peanuts so I bought this, he's still little and won't try it but I eat it constantly! I hope when he's older he'll love it. I love it more than peanut butter!


I LOVE Sunbutter. I developed an allergy to peanut butter 5 years ago out of the blue. My mom found Sunbutter and I think it tastes just like peanut butter (from what I remember) Thanks so much!! Sara


Sadly, due to heart attack and antirejection medication I was allergic to all foods. I found I could eat saltine crackers, Herb Ox beef broth, and watermelon. This was my diet for five years. And then a friend found SunButter and ask me to try it. Thankfully, I found I was able to eat it and now with a cracker I have a sandwich. I am still allergic to corn products , soy products, but the SunButter does not bother in that manner so you do clean your equipment enough for me. I am so thankful for SunButter. One more to add to my list of OK's. Thank you, Dottie L.

Sacramento, CA

My two-year-old son has been diagnosed with a peanut/tree-nut allergy. After trying a soybutter substitute (which neither of us liked), we tried Sunbutter. It is delicious! I find the taste very similar to peanut butter, but still like sunflower seeds. I really like that it is also available without additives (Natural). I have a recipe for peanut butter cookies that I haven't made in a long time and am really looking forward to trying the recipe with Sunbutter instead. Thank you for the wonderful product!

Erin Meredith
Trenton, Ontario, Canada

My Name is Avrielle North i am allergic to peanuts and it is hard to find products without peanuts in them or them being processed on peanut equipment, my favorite nuts are cashews and i cant find any with out peanut oil on them, my mom was going grocery shopping one day and she came home and we decided to try it and i love SunButter! My mom uses it as a substitute for peanut butter in a lot of recipes and i think it tastes delicious! it is so nice to not have to worry about eating peanut products and having a delicious substitute that tastes amazing and is healthy for you. i just wanted to thank who ever came up with it and say good job because it is one of my favorite things! Sincerely Avrielle

Lenexa Kansas

As parents of a child with food allergies we are always reading labels searching for peanut free items. We found your product yesterday and for the first time our child was able to enjoy Sunbutter on toast. Thank you for putting a smile on her face and for taking the mystery out of that stuff everyone calls peanut butter. Now she knows :)

S Wessels

This is my first time trying your product, and my goodness this is the best tasting thing i have ever had. I now can't have peanut butter and was looking for it's replacement. I have now found it thanks for making this product (sunbutter natural) . I will be buying more in the near future.

Lorraine Sullivan
newmarket, nh

My son was diagnosed with severe allergy to peanuts at the age of 2 (2002). I immediately said a forever goodbye to my love of warm toast spread with peanut butter. However, during the summer of 2010, I discovered a jar of your SunButter on the grocery store shelf. Ya-Hoo! Ya-Hoo! Ya-Hoo! I so look forward to this snack on a daily basis. Either post workout or a mid afternoon pick me up. Keep up the good work! Keep making it peanut free! Sincerely, Carolee

Carolee Melbourne
Stittsville, Ontario

This is sooooooooooo good I love it, Sunbutter is better tasting than Peanut butter, I am addicted!

Richmond Hill, NY

My family and I love your sunflower butter. My children and myself have severe peanut allergies so this is a great alternative. They love the taste and texture. Thank you

Stephanie Dulay

I had eaten peanuts all my life when one day my mom and I were in the car and I had a reaction to a piece of candy I had eaten that had peanuts in it. After some testing, the allergist told me that I am allergic to peanuts. Ever since then I have been on a search for a peanut butter alternative. I am also allergic to soy, so soy butter was out of the question. My boyfriend and I were shopping at Target one day when he noticed Sunbutter on the shelf, he picked it up and began to read it then he handed it to me. I have loved it since then. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product!


Hi, my son has a pnut/treenut allergy and I just discovered I also have a trace pnut and hazel-nut allergy. I've tried Sunbutter in the past but this weekend got the natural creamy and LOVE IT! I really appreciate your providing this wonderful pnut alternative for our family. Chanel

Charleston, SC

We love your Sunbutter! After weeks of allergy testing I found out that my 12 month old son was allergic to peanuts so we went on the search for something he could eat. He LOVES your Sunbutter!

Sarah Sheppard
Hixson, TN

Just wanted to say that after not being able to eat peanut butter or any kind of nuts for over 10 years your SunButter is just the best. My son happened to find this product by accident and bought it for me to try and see if it made me sick. Well it did not and when I bought my first jar I finished it off in less than a week. Couldn't get enough. Since then I have told many about it including my niece and she was so happy to finally find this product she did the same as me. Ate and Ate. I find your's is the best on the market. Thank you so much for making this product and keep up the good work. I know many others must be just a elated as I am.

Carol Wood
Grove City, OH

Love this! This is the ONLY peanut butter substitute my son will eat. What a life saver. Thanks Amy

Amy Lanier

My boyfriend hasn't eaten peanut butter in 7 years because of my allergy, He tried your product today (on his birthday) for the first time, and absolutely LOVED IT! he was thrilled, and said that it was the best birthday ever!


Oh my goodness! I am hooked and so is my husband. I found 5 jars last week and bought all of them. Hey if they will keep on the store shelf or in a warehouse they will keep in my pantry! I stopped buying peanut butter because it doesn't taste like it did when I was young. Sunbutter is even better than I remember PB tasting. Way to go!!

Kathlyn Czako
Fowler Ohio

I bought it as an alternative to peanut butter, just out of curiosity. Now I prefer it!

Loveland CO

I was diagnosed with a variety of food allergies when I turned 21. It was and still is pretty hard to deal with. I can't just pick something up and eat it; I have to inspect it first. One thing I loved was peanut butter. I would eat it by the spoonfuls! Then, all of a sudden, I couldn't eat it anymore. I tried to get some "fake" peanut butter, but it tasted so terrible I decided I wouldn't even try it again. Then my fiance wanted to make me my favorite candy, buckeyes, but I am allergic to chocolate and peanuts. So he got caraco and Sunbutter and I had buckeyes for the first time in a year! Sunbutter is amazing and it, by far, the best alternative to peanut butter out there! Sincerely, Keirra P.S. I am eating Sunbutter with a spoon right now :)

Columbus, OH

I have been addicted to SunButter for the past few months. (While I prefer the Natural, I usually purchase the creamy due to costs.) Because I have an intolerance to peanuts and don't particularly enjoy almond butter, SunButter has become my go-to staple. This might sound odd, but I have a nut butter and banana sandwich about 4-5 times a week now. I just can't get enough and wanted to thank you for such a great product!


My grand daughter is 2 1/2 and her dad my son in law are hooked on peanut butter. I gave my daughter a bottle of SunButter and told her to just make the sandwiches with it and not say anything. Dad and daughter ate it for a week with no sugar fruit spread, loved it , never told them and now they are hooked on it. Couldnt get 2 yr old to eat sunflower seeds before this and her dad didnt like them.haha. thanks, Granny

fort wayne IN

I have been consuming SunButter since 2003 when I discovered it at Cash Wise in Moorhead (Used to live there). I don't even consider PB anymore because it is so good!

Sarah Stone
Twin Cities, MN

I have been allergic to all nuts my whole life. Now at the age of 26 you opened up a whole new world! I love sunbutter.

Aaron Winship
plymouth, ma

Love the sunbutter products. We have two children with severe peanut allergies and this has been a great alternative. We buy a jar a week for lunches. Thanks a bunch. Blythe Sheene

Blythe Sheene
Danville ky

Going to a new school (peanut free) and not having Peanut Butter sandwiches was disappointing to my daughter. Then, we sampled Sunbutter! YUMMMMY. This is a staple in our household.

Mesa, AZ

We love your yellow lid SunButter. We use it to make SunButter cookies and on sandwiches. It is also great with veggies! I wish you made larger jars! Coupons would be nice too! :) Thanks for having SunButter that tastes so good. Nice to have something other than peanuts. We cannot eat them at my house!


No more headaches, Even though I had loved peanutbutter for many years it gave me headaches. Now with SunButter there are no more headaches and taste so much better.

Ron Polick
St. Louis

At the age of 7 years old my grandson (Skyler) developed a peanut and soy allergy. So as you can imagine when he was told that those foods were unsafe for him to eat (we never told him that he could not have those foods we ALWAYS told him they were unsafe)we went through alot of emotions. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches was a favorite. It is extremely hard to watch and comfort a child while sitting in the middle of a Walmart aisle crying because he couldnt find anything that didnt have one or the other. So now we have past those obstacles and moved on. Now we have discovered SunButter we just bought yesterday I wish I could send you a picture of a face of a happy,dought free, fear free face because I sure have it. So what I'am trying to say is THANK YOU so much for coming up with SunButter. Skyler can now curb the craving for peanutbutter. So now we have shed the tears of happiness rather than the tears of its not safe. Again THANK YOU so much. Lynn


oh it's delicious! I could eat it by the spoonful! any coupons would surely be appreciated!

Ruth Hauch

When our family found out that peanuts were actually a fungus (this was bad news because we are peanut butter fans), we decided to try your product. We were not expecting the Natural creamy spread to taste anything like peanut butter. AWESOME! And it spreads so smoothly. Our children couldn't even taste the difference. Thank you for making such an yummy spread that no other company can master. The Pattersons

Anna Patterson
Gainesville, FL

I love SunButter especially since I am allergic to all nuts!

Sealy, tX

I just love your products, so I'm hoping that you'll come up with a chocolate-sunbutter spread?

Christina Kafkakis

I became allergic to all tree nuts at the age of 45. My favorite cookies were peanut butter and my favorite sandwich was a peanut butter and banana. On day I caught the tailend of a Dr. Oz show where a lady made some Sunbutter cookies for a little boy who was allergic to nuts. So I had a friend pick up a jar at a health food store. It was amazing. Our local grocery store even carries it. I am so thankful you have this product available. Now every time I hear of someone with nut allergies, I suggest this product.

Linda Stromberg
Baraboo, WI

Hi, I just discovered your product after my son was diagnosed with nut and egg allergies. Wow, thanks for such a great product! I had tried multiple soy butters but did not like the taste but with Sunbutter, I now have a tasty alternative to peanut butter! Would you please, please, please consider adding a chocolate spread alternative to your line (we used to love Nutella but cannot have it due to allergies and are still looking for a tasty replacement - the soy & chocolate alternatives we've tried have not been appreciated...) But a chocolate Sunbutter, now that could be a tasty treat! Thanks for your consideration :) Helene

Helene Chagnon
Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

My husband is allergic to peanuts and we are so happy that we have found Sunbutter. He has missed peanut butter for the last 4 years and this is fantastic that we found this. Love it!

teresa taylor
Adairsville, GA

I was so hip on peanut butter that I ate it by the spoon full. However, after brain surgery, I had to give up the obsession along with a list of other migraine-causing edibles. I had loved peanutbutter so much that I wrote a poem dedicated to my loss of it. I spent years with nothing but jelly on my PB&Js. It's now been ten years since my last peanutbutter consumption. But, a few years back I came accross something that has reignited my tastebuds. For a few years now I have enjoyed something that has forever taken the place of peanutbutter. Oh, YEAH!!!! I have SunButter! Now I have something that better compliments my jelly than just bread or more jelly. I have something that has a creamy and smooth texture comparable only to ice cream on a summe's day. I have the high-protein, low saturated-fat, energy and smile soaked deliciousness that only SunButter can offer. *Drull*

Joseph Ibarra-Leach
San Antonio, Texas

We have used all flavors of the sun butter, and the granola bars, although I wish the granola was a little more crunchy, we love all of the product we have used. My favorite is the sun butter with flax seed, the kids love the natural flavor. Thank you for providing us with a safe alternative to nut butter. Now that I have seen your other products, I am looking forward to trying them!

liz richard
Florence Az

I am 25 years old and have never had peanut butter in my life due to my life threatening allergy. My future mother-in-law found out about this and was so excited to tell me about it. I went out and bought it. First I had my fiance try it and he said it was absolutely delicious. He has no peanut allergy. I tried it and was nearly brought to tears on how good it was. Now I realize I can be normal person and have a peanut(sun)butter and jelly sandwhich or make peanut(sun)butter cookies. Thank you so much!

Hauppauge, NY

I just wanted to say how much I love this product! As a child I was not allergic to peanuts, however I am severely allergic to them now. I would still crave peanut butter all the time. When I first tried sun butter I couldn't believe it! And the fact it's made in a nut free facility is amazing. You don't see many products like this Thank you so much!!


I have honestly never taken the time to write a review about anything before in my life. That is how pleased I am with your product! I was diagnosed with a peanut allergy when I was 18 months old. Since then, I've never never been able to enjoy anything that contained nuts and have always heard from my friends what I was missing out on by not being able to consume peanut butter. I read about SunButer in a gluten free magazine and purchased a jar at Target. I have to tell you, this product has changed my life and I haven't even owned it for a week now. Just being able to enjoy a sunbutter sandwich or spread on a piece of fruit before a run or gym session really has filled the peanut butter void in my life! I was so sick and tired of hearing how healthy peanut butter was and what a quick and easy snack it made. Now, I'm very pleased that I can enjoy all the health benefits and convience of peanut butter through sunbutter. Thank you! Please never stop making this product!

Elise Altschuler
Pittsburgh, PA

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