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SunButter Sunflower

SunButter® Organic Unsweetened

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Organic Unsweetened

Looking for pure goodness in an organic alternative to other nut butters? You've found it! SunButter® Organic Creamy is made from sunflower seeds and without hydrogenated oil or added sugars and salts. Adverse allergy reactions will be a thing of the past because SunButter® Organic Creamy is peanut free, gluten free and tree-nut free. Try some today!

Natural separation may occur, stir thoroughly before use. Sunflower shell fragments may be present in product. Product contains no sugar or salt.

No Peanuts

Organic Sunflower Seed.

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Organic Unsweetened Nutrition Info

SunButter® Organic Creamy is available in one (1) 16-ounce jar or a pack of six (6) 16-ounce jars.

Awesome! Smells, tastes and looks like peanut butter - not as sweet as peanut butter but when added to Jelly you can't tell the difference. Everyone who has visited my house for the past two weeks has smelt it and seen it and many have tasted it. The best thing about Sunbutter is the smile that it's put on my sons face who has never been able to taste or smell peanut butter.

Elizabeth Reeve
United States

It is too bad it is made on the same line as another "top 8" allergen. As my son is allergic to 7 of the 8. I think there are many people who probably feel the same way. If you are going to be an allergy friendly company- why not go all the way?

Jackie Halpin

No one in our family has a nut allergy but I tried Sunbutter when I became vegetarian and needed foods with more vitamins. My daughter (3 years old) loves it on everything. My husband is a fan and my mother switched to it- and she never breaks out of her food routine. It tastes great! I still might eat peanut butter once in a while but this Sunbutter is ALWAYS on our grocery list.


After eliminating peanuts from my diet, I sorely missed peanut butter and am so glad I found Sunbutter! (Recommended by Whole9.) I LOVE this stuff - in fact I decided to ban it from my house because it's so addicting and I can eat TONS at once! (That's no good for weight loss.) However, I see you have individual packets, so I think I will get some of those. That should keep me down to one serving at time without giving it up entirely!

Sabrina Hoppe
West Union, MN

SunButter's Organic Unsweetened Butter is THE BEST. I've eaten lots of butters (almond, cashew, pecan, etc.) and the unsweetened, organic sunflower is the most delicious tasting and affordable. I love it! I buy it by the cases.

Baghdad, Iraq

I stopped eating peanuts and any tree nuts five years ago. Not eating nuts meant that I could not eat peanut butter and jelly (PBJ) sandwiches. I discovered your product yesterday because I was looking for an organic, unsalted, peanut free facility sunflower seeds. Today, I bought my first Subutter spread. For the first time in five years, I finally got the chance to eat an alternative to PBJ. I am very happy to find your product! Thank you for making this product. I can now eat PBJ, apples and Sunbutter, and banana and Sunbutter!

Maria A.
Tacoma, WA

Love Love this! Hard to find this variety in the stores though, as it's the most natural.


Love your organic sunbutter! I've used soynut butter, and it just doesn't have the rich flavor, though I think it's also a good product. But my whole wheat sunbutter cookies are divine! The sunbutter is naturally sweet and I use about half the sugar in a regular cookie recipe. And my little one just eats them up! I'm so glad to give him the wonderful nutrients from sunflower seeds, and he just loves the cookies. ;) I also appreciate that your facility is free from allergens. Thanks so much!


My family and I love your products. Specifically, we use the variety that does NOT have any sweetener included in it. In fact, we wish it was available in more stores as opposed to the sweetened variety. We're one of the many families out there who try to stay away from any sugars, fructose, can sugars, etc. that are available. Please keep making the unsweetened variety. It's a staple in our household.


It's a good thing Sunbutter isn't crack... or I'd be a serious crack-head right now. Thank you, Sunbutter!

New Hampshire

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