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SunButter Sunflower

SunButter® On-The-Go Snack Pack

SunButter<sup>®</sup> On-The-Go Snack Pack

Need nutrition on the run? Try a SunButter® On-The-Go Snack Pack! These pouches of SunButter® Natural will have you fueled up in no time. Try them on fruit, bread, vegetables… or straight out of the pack. As with other SunButter® products, the snack packs are peanut free, gluten free and nut-tree free. There's no worry of adverse allergy reactions here! Kids young and old love them!

Natural separation may occur, stir thoroughly before use. Sunflower shell fragments may be present in product.

No Peanuts

Sunflower Seed, Palm oil, Evaporated Cane Syrup, Salt, and Natural Mixed Tocopherols to preserve freshness.

SunButter<sup>®</sup> On-The-Go Snack Pack Nutrition Info

SunButter® On-The-Go Snack Packs are available in a pack of 10 1.1-ounce pouches (10 pouches total) or a six-pack of 10 1.1-ounce pouches (60 pouches total).

It is great seeing protein alternatives being produced and enjoyed. I greatly enjoyed the snack pack as a student on the go. Thanks!

Tori Zurbrigg
Goderich, Ontario

Living with two little ones who are allergic to nuts, we eat SunButter all the time. We had never seen the on-the-go snack packages until my mother-in-law recently found and gave them to us. We are thrilled! Having had to beg and plead with TSA authorities to convince them of my need to bring a jar of sunflower nut butter on a recent flight (it's nearly impossible to find healthy, allergy-free options when traveling), we will carry these perfectly-sized packages on board our next flight. Thanks for making our lives so much easier!

Caracas, Venezuela

The on-the-go packs are an awesome idea. One problem with SunButter is that it LOOKS like peanut butter, so our peanut-allergic child is hesitant to bring it to school because people might THINK he is eating peanut butter and worry. Clearly labeled, individual serving packages would solve this issue for us.


This product is a HIT! Think flavor, think convenience, think satisfaction. This sunflower seed spread comes in these convenient Squeeze Packs that could be a perfect snack, or even to make lunch at the office. Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E and are so rich in nutrients they are the highest of any nut or seed. Watch the full review on Supermarket Guru!

Phil Lempert
Supermarket Guru

I got a couple of Snac Paks at Veg Fest back in April, but didn't try it until today. I just squeezed some onto a split banana. Wow! It was delicious! Makes a great low-sugar (no sugar?) dessert. I just started today to eliminate all dairy and wheat from my diet for awhile and see how I feel, and am trying to keep sugar to a minimum too. I will be going to Trader Joes tonight to see if I can find some there -- it said "private label" so I am hoping they only have one sunflower butter -- yours!

Marji Friedmann
Edmonds, WA

had your product in usairways snack box and fell in love! i hope to see it on flights again soon!


These are delicious!!! And the perfect size. If I buy the regular bottles I'll just go to town..good thing you make these now I can still enjoy and not worry about over indulging on beloved sunbutter!!! :)

Waltham, MA

I LOVE the Natural Crunch, Natural and the On-The-Go packs. Not only do I have a Gluten and Casein allergy, I have blood sugar issues, so these On-The-Go packs are excellent for getting my protein in a little package. :) Thank you so much for your products!

Kolya Lynne Smith
Boston, MA

My 16-yr-old son has been peanut allergic since day one, and as a result, never developed a taste for peanut butter or Sunbutter. However, as his peanut butter loving mom, I'm overjoyed to find Sunbutter! I used Sunbutter in a pb & bacon cookie recipe and they were AMAZING. It's a little pricey to use in baking, so any coupons are appreciated. Thanks for making an incredible and safe product!

Las Cruces NM

just love the taste of this product, a little expensive but worth the price. cant live without it!!!

susan tran
battle ground wash

I work for the U.S. Navy in Japan and am working at a Child Development Center.I recently brought in the on the go snacks. Superior Product Mom's Kid's & Adults were Raving over it :) Do you or can you provide any promotional Materials,Posters ? Thank You, Roy Lunde Naval Air Facility,Atsugi Japan Food Service Supervisor Child Development Center

Roy Lunde
NAF Atsugi,Japan

I received a sample of this from a race that I ran over the weekend. I guess I didn't realize what I was about to eat because I thought it was peanut butter. Oh, I LOVED it!! I like peanut butter but would choose this over it anyday. Great tasting product.


I fell in love with SunButter after experiencing it in a GoPicnic meal I picked up at the airport one day. It's positively YUMMY! I don't have any problems with peanuts but I love love love sunflower seeds. SunButter makes it even easier to eat them! Thanks SunButter!

Peg H
Columbus, OH

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