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SunButter Sunflower

SunButter® Products Brighten Any Day!

SunButter® is a delicious and healthy alternative to peanut butter. Made from specially roasted sunflower seeds, it is completely peanut-free, tree-nut free and gluten-free. Packed with nutrition, SunButter® is an excellent choice for people with peanut allergies.

Available in a number of varieties, SunButter® is packed with nutrition and tastes great. It is a wonderful complement to fruit, jams, jellies and crackers and can be used in a variety of delicious peanut-free recipes for everything from appetizers to main dishes to desserts.

Find your favorite SunButter® variety today!

Also available in industrial and school/institutional packaging.

SunButter® Natural No Sugar Added

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Natural No Sugar Added

Simply roasted sunflower seeds and a hint of salt for flavor. Great for lunches, snacks and in recipes, where you can then adjust the sugar and other sweeteners. 

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SunButter® Natural No-Stir Creamy

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Natural No-Stir Creamy

SunButter ® Natural No-Stir Creamy has arrived! It has the same great taste of SunButter® Natural. Even better, it doesn’t separate like other varieties, so there’s no need to stir it.

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SunButter® Creamy

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Creamy

SunButter® Creamy is a great-tasting alternative to other nut butters. This gluten free peanut butter substitute is also peanut-free, so there's no worry about peanut allergy reactions. Try some today!

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SunButter® Organic Unsweetened

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Organic Unsweetened

Looking for a delicious, organic, natural sugar-free alternative to other nut butters? You've found it! SunButter® Organic Creamy, a seed butter, is made without hydrogenated oil. Try this salt-free peanut butter substitute today!

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SunButter® On-The-Go Snack Pack

SunButter<sup>®</sup> On-The-Go Snack Pack

SunButter® On-The-Go Snack Packs are great for today's busy lifestyles! Fuel up fast with these pouches of SunButter® Natural, a great alternative to other nut butters. It's an individual snack that's nutritious, delicious and peanut-free!

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SunButter® Natural

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Natural

SunButter® Natural is a delicious alternative to other nut butters. This seed butter is peanut-free, gluten-free and tree-nut free, which means no adverse allergy reactions. Taste the difference!

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SunButter® Natural Crunch

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Natural Crunch

Like a little crunch? SunButter® Natural Crunch is for you! This crunchy alternative to other nut butters tastes great and is peanut-free, gluten-free and tree-nut free, which means no adverse allergy reactions.

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SunButter® Creamy, 5-pound Pail

SunButter<sup>®</sup> Creamy, 5-pound Pail

That’s right; SunButter® Creamy is available in a five-pound pail! This option is great larger families, kids and adults alike who go through it quickly, and those who use SunButter® Creamy in a variety of peanut-free recipes. (Note: if you are placing an order for a school, call 877-873-4501 and have your tax ID number nearby.)

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SunButter® 1.5 Ounce Cup

SunButter<sup>®</sup> 1.5 Ounce Cup

Enjoy the great taste of SunButter® Creamy in a convenient 1.5 ounce cup. These handy cups go perfectly with crackers, apple slices or vegetable sticks for a quick, healthy, great-tasting snack.

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